Quality design is worth the challenge and working with passionate people who understand the value of good design is inspiring.

My career experience has touched nearly every field of graphic design. From public art to user interface design and from skate board graphics to way finding signage, art is everywhere and so are my efforts.

Mastering 16x16 icons

Sample image of clock icon, rendered using only 16 x 16 pixels. Enlarged view and actual size shown.

The skill of drawing curves with only squares. The less pixels available, the bigger the challenge. The clock shown in the upper left is displayed at full size. The larger clock is the same image enlarged to show each individual pixel.

Photo-realsitic renderings

Sample image of server rack.

These images serve as part of a set up wizard. The program displays the correct installation specific to the network needs of the company.

Inspiring New Ideas

Sample image: Portland Oregon’s Children’s Museum front entrance.

The Portland Children’s Museum 2 was done as a service project. Signage and wayfinding as inspiring as the musuem.