Pillar Capacity Planner — Software Wizard


  • Pillar Data Systems / Oracle


  • Graphic User Interface Design


  • February 2010

These images were created for Pillar Data Systems and Oracle. They are used in the software related to managing, marketing, or installing the Axiom Servers.

Shown below is a rendering of the original Axiom hardware. This image was used for a potential login screen, and later, for smaller icons that indicated equipment status.

The images below help with the installation of the hardware. They are are used to indicate when and where to connect the cables.

Move your mouse over the image to see an animation that displays how the software works.

Cable connection instructions

Accurate cable renderings.

Accurate Paso System rendering.

Below are renderings used to create the compound ico files used to represent the program. They have to be rendered at different sizes so they can be used on the desktop, the toolbar, a list view etc..

A draft of a new ico icon which is based on the new Axiom hardware. The icon is built to match an image supplied by the client.

In another draft the icon is based on the specific hardware found in the rack. The differences are recognizable even in the smaller icons.

Early versions of the Axiom Manager desktop/toolbar/list icons

In the end it was determined that the icons worked best based only the logo.

On the left, the Axiom Storage Services Manager desktop/toolbar/list icon, on the right, the file icon.